Faculty of Agriculture

Abia State University




 John Godson Foundation







Pilgrim Ranch offers individual and group training programs. If you are interested in being trained in any of the areas of our operation please feel free to contact us.


Goat Farming Training

Pilgrim Ranch Nigerian provides Goat Farming Training with emphasis on Boer and Kalahari Red goats in various cities across Nigeria. We have organized coureses in cities like:

- Abuja

- Ibadan

- Lagos

- Port Harcourt

- Okigwe

- Kaduna

To find out where and when such courses are being organized please check our Facebook page at 




Pig Farming Training 

Pilgrim Ranch Nigerian provides innovative Pig Farming Training to farmers and aspiring farmers. The advantage of this training is easy access to our breeds: Large white, landrace, duroc and gloucester old spot.




Are you an aspiring farmer? Are you an established farmer who wants to move your practice to the next level? Do you want to learn how to maximize your available resources to earn more from your farming? If "Yes" we invite you to take advantage of our Individually tailored consultancy service or participate in our group training programs. Our consultancy services and training programs cover all the areas of Pilgrim Ranch activity.